Taking Back the Streets for March 8

Iranian women’s movement activists have a series of activities planned in the public space, including handing out of pamphlets, talking to the public and public protest in front of the Ministry of Labor, focused on economic issues facing women. We will post pictures of their actions tomorrow, but today (March 7) a number of activists hit the streets to hang from bridges, banners that included their demands.  Also in preparation for tomorrows actions commemorating International Women’s Day in the public space and in cities and streets, activists held a twitter storm with the hashtag   or taking_back_the_ streets.  Take a look at some of the pictures of the banners hung by activists around town.

  • The banners read:
  • Women Demand Equality
  • Women’s Emancipation is Possible
  • Decades of Struggle for a Better World
  • Women’s Emancipation, Societal Freedom

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