Women’s Economic Rights Protesters Arrested

According to reports more than 20 persons arrested on March 8, 2018 because of a planned protest outside the Ministry of Labor have not been released and have been transferred from detention centers to prisons. To mark the occasion of International Women’s day on March 8, the protesters planned to hold a rally in front of the Ministry of Labor and were demanding economic justice for women. They arrived at the scene of the protest to find the area heavily securitized. Protesters as well as people passing by were arrested in droves. According to reports the security forces used violence while arresting more than 80 persons were arrested. Some of those detained, were slowly released on their own recognizance or with a 3rd party guarantee over the course of several days. 

According to the Telegram Channel of the protest organizers, more than 20 persons remain in prison, including men and women. While officials have not provided information about the situation of protesters, it is believed that the women have been moved to the quarantine ward of Qarchak prison and the men have been moved to FashaFouyeh prison for the period of three days.

The families are worried about the situation of those detained. They have gathered outside of various detention centers and prisons to gain more information, but have not had appropriate responses from officials. 

The names of 14 women and 5 men have been confirmed. Those pictured in this poster include the following:  

  • Top row from right: Ali Salem, Zohre AsadPour, Shahla Entesari
  • 2nd row: Soudabeh Rakhsh, Banafsheh Jamali, Javad Abass Tavloli 
  • 3rd row: Azadeh Behkish, Marzieh Khosravi, Marzieh Amiri 
  • 4th row: Mahshid AsadPour 
  • Not pictured: Payman Chehrazi, Mehrdad Ghazi, Bahar Aslani, Marzieh Amiri, Moloud hajizadeh Masoumeh Akbari Atefeh Khosravi Zahra Ahmadi, Ayna GhotbiYaghoubi, Zahra Ayati.


image of those arrested

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